the Oldsmar Organic Community Garden

Our History

Our Members

423 Lafayette Blvd 

Oldsmar, FL 34677

In the beginning, use of the land and access to water was granted to the Oldsmar Organic Community Garden (OOCG) by the City of Oldsmar and Lowe's donated the materials for OOCG to build a fence! The big project began on Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 7:30 AM at Bicentennial Park. It was a huge milestone! 

In 2014 the OOCG established its 501c3 non-profit status and we've been growing ever since. As of 2019, the garden has 52 raised beds of various sizes to choose from. In addition to the expansion of our raised beds, 2019 also brought the additions of a greenhouse, biodigester, compost system, shaded educational area, Florida-native pollinator garden, and micro food forest!

The most important part of the Oldsmar Organic Community Garden is the word "community". Our garden is what our members make of it and we could not exist without the love and support that each member put into making the garden grow.

Thoughts from our members:

"I’ve always been a gardener though my focus has tended to be on flowers. I recently moved into a townhouse and my gardening at home has been reduced to plants in pots. Joining the garden lets me get outside, get my hands dirty, and most importantly, be part of a community. Gardeners are friendly people; always willing to learn and share. Now that I am trying my hand at vegetables, I need and appreciate all the help I am getting." - Donna Knapp

​"Our Garden is a wonderful place to experience living things. It is being a kid again and playing in the dirt, watching birds and butterflies, and seeing your food grow." - Kathy Merchant