We are happy to serve as a Soil Maker site for the community! Composting is an amazing process that turns "waste" into nutrient-rich soil. Want to learn more about composting and how you can support our efforts? Visit our page at MakeSoil.org and find other community composting locations near you.


One of the greatest benefits of joining a community garden is that you join a community! First-time gardeners as well as those who have achieved the Master Gardner certification find benefit in communal gardening. By sharing ideas, experiences, and helping to troubleshoot problems, each person has something to teach and learn. 

The OOCG prioritizes education and hosts a number of speakers, workshops, and opportunities to learn about organic gardening and permaculture throughout the tyear. Most events are open to the public - so even if you're not a member, follow our facebook page to keep track of future events!

Kids benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally from getting outside and connecting with plants and animals. Our Jr. Green Thumb Club allows kids to learn about gardening and give it a try themselves! Our youth activities are some of our favorite programs that the garden offers. 

Community Garden